Friday, January 28, 2011

Dior, Dior, galore

So, Christian Dior's Fall 2010 Couture Collection was probably my favorite of last year.I even did a assignment for my "Intro to Costume" class that paid homage to the gorgeous collection. Now that, Spring 2011 is here, I would definitely have to say that John Galliano is a genius. I'm in love with the spring 2011 collection. It's very luxurious 50-60's glam! I wish I could wear all of it :( The hair and the make up is pure perfection. I love victory rolls and red lipstick...if only I could learn how to do hair like that.
But anyways, here are some of my favorite looks.

This last look is my favorite! I just love the colors and the neckline.

Monday, December 27, 2010


I hope everyone had a merry christmas and got everything that their little hearts desired! I'm blogging right now to really just show my love for one of my favorite gifts that I recieved. It was especially nice because I wasn't sure if I was going to even get them in the first place.

I got a pair of Steve Madden "Flannel" boots and I AM IN LOVE! They are suuuuppppeerrrr comfortable and they look cute with just about anything and they can be worn in so many ways!

And if I had them in brown my life would be complete :D

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Leatherr Rebel

October was a very good month for me because I got to see Rob Zombie (I LOVE HIM), and Alice Cooper live and it was probably the most memorable performances that I have seen. I felt so lucky to be able to see these two living legends.

I also won tickets the next week to see Black Label Society and that surprisingly was a very good concert and it also helped that it was FREEEEEE! Zakk Wylde is also legendary!! Most people wouldn't think of men in metal bands as having "fashion sense" but THEY REALLY DO!

So, this post will be dedicated to everything METAL \m/

Seraching through the internet, I found some gorgeous leather/faux leather jackets that can easily make any girl look a little more edgier.
Both of these jackets are from BB Dakota and are $210 and $238 dollars

Victoria Secret is also having an online sale and their leather jackets are $20-$30 off! Here are just a couple that are on the site:

I'm in love with the details on this one :)

Top Shop = <3

These two graphic tees are $40

This chain harness vest type thing is soooo coool and it's $55.

A tad bit pricey but I think it would be well worth it and it's definitely a statement piece. $110

This blouse is so adorable! I probably shouldn't be using the word 'adorable' in a post themed around metal but who cares? $70

Couldn't find this one in the American store but it's 30 euros :/ Whatever that means.

Now my favorite part...SHOES!

These are some of the coolest booties I've seen! They are by Camilla Skovgaard and are $565 :/ If I had that kind of money, they'd be mine in a second.

I love these shoes by Jeffrey Campbell. They are extremely popular because when I first looked at them which was a few weeks ago, they were out of stock and now only size 10 are available. I wish I could have a pair. They are very GaGa-esque. $159.95

The next two pairs of shoes are at
These "Clarissa" booties are super cute! They are $80

I'm sure not everyone will love these boots but I think they will make a statement and you will find everyone looking at your feet!
These are $200

Saw these Gianni Bini flats today at Dillards and I WANT. They are $50

These "A Touch of Tough" boots can be found at and they are $45!

I hope you have enjoyed this post. I started it the first week of November and couldn't find time to finish it. Ughh...and sorry if it's really long. :D

my apologies

I'm sorry that I have abandoned this. I think I just got a little too busy to keep posting on here. I started my freshman year in college and I'm starting to think high school was a wee bit harder. *knocks on wood* But I'm sure that will change next semester because I have to be a full time student. So...yeah I'm starting to think that since I have days off I'll be able to keep up with this more. YAY! :B

oh and HAPPY HALLOWEEN hehehe sorry I'm late <3

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lauren Conrad's Fall Collection for Kohl's

I love Lauren Conrad and I'm very happy that her Fall Collection for Kohl's actually looks promising. When I went to Kohl's awhile back and saw some clothes from her line I wasn't very impressed. But! with this one I am. Everything looks super comfy and cute! I'm really loving the red sweater with the flower details.
I want to buy it but I hate that Kohls is sooooo far.
The great thing about Lauren Conrad's collection for Kohl's is that everything is under $55 dollars. It looks like the most expensive piece is the faux leather jacket...which I also want.

Here are some more pieces from her collection :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Put your paws up!

So, I was lucky enough to see the wonderfully talented Lady GaGa last night at the Toyota Center in Houston. It was amazing to say the least. During her many quick costume changes, GaGa had a short video playing to keep us little monsters entertained. This video interlude is my favorite! It's so creepy and cooooool! Anyways, in the video she is wearing a pleated dress by Marko Mitanovski.

It is also on sale at
I wish I could buy it! Who wants to buy it for me?? ;)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Marion Cotillard for Interview Magazine

The lovely french actress, Marion Cotillard is on the cover for August issue of Interview Magazine where she is interviewed by Nicole Kidman. In the interview she talks about her view on the world, her charity work, her new movies, and her musicianship. If you have not seen in Inception, I highly reccomend it! Everyone is great in the movie...especially Miss Cotillard. She is SCARY GORGEOUS!

"When I was a teenager I was so angry. I was asking questions like, “Why am I here? Why are we alive? What am I doing?” Now I’ve stopped searching for those answers—which I might never get. I think it’s more important to feel connected."