Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Marion Cotillard for Interview Magazine

The lovely french actress, Marion Cotillard is on the cover for August issue of Interview Magazine where she is interviewed by Nicole Kidman. In the interview she talks about her view on the world, her charity work, her new movies, and her musicianship. If you have not seen in Inception, I highly reccomend it! Everyone is great in the movie...especially Miss Cotillard. She is SCARY GORGEOUS!

"When I was a teenager I was so angry. I was asking questions like, “Why am I here? Why are we alive? What am I doing?” Now I’ve stopped searching for those answers—which I might never get. I think it’s more important to feel connected."


  1. OHHH SHE'S THE LADY FROM THE MOVIE! This all makes sense cuz I didn't recognize her.