Thursday, July 1, 2010

Passing on the Crown

As we all know, the visionary, Alexander McQueen's death made a huge impact on the world of fashion. Many people were uncertain where his brand was headed without him. But in May, his right-hand-woman, Sarah Burton was appointed the job of Creative Director of the McQueen brand. Burton is certaintly deserving of such a title because of her many years working with McQueen and the fact that she even finished the Fall 2010 Collection after his death.

I have picked some of my favorite looks from the collection

It is safe to say that the essence and beauty of the brand will live on in the work of Sarah Burton but without a doubt Alexander McQueen's personal touch will be greatly missed.


  1. The line is AMAZING! I loveeee the red dress.

  2. i know it's actually really good. but maybe a little safe??
    i love the red dress too! it reminds me of blood lol

  3. It is a little safe for McQueen, but it has a really "classy vintage" touch with all the lace and a modest feel with the nude and black. haha :) does kind of look like blood. but the good kind of blood. haha :)