Wednesday, June 30, 2010

GAGA IS A this photoshoot

Amazing stylist Nicola Formachetti and photographer Nick Knight have collaborated to shoot a men's fashion editorial for Vogue Hommes Japan. If you are an insane crazy Lady GaGa fan then these two names should sound very familiar. Anyways, the model in this shoot is supposedly "Jo Calderone". I don't buy it! IT'S OBVIOUSLY GAGA!
The website has some more pics from the shoot. If the model in these pictures is not Gaga then I feel really stupid and if it is then I think it's really cool that she decided to do this. Not many people are going to dress up like a dude for the sake of fashion AND she is fully aware of those rumors involving her lady parts. It shows that she doesn't take her self too seriously and doesn't care what other people think! I LOVE HER!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One that romps

romp·er (rŏm'pər) n.
1. One that romps.
2.A loosely fitted, one-piece garment having
short bloomers that is worn especially by small children for play.

The definition of the word romper states that this is an item of clothing that small children wear. But not anymore! Rompers are a great summer outfit. It’s easy to wear because once you put it on; all you have to worry about is accessories and shoes.

In my opinion, rompers really came back into fashion around 2 summers ago. As I started becoming a fan of Katy Perry I noticed that she wore a lot of these really cute and colorful outfits that of course were rompers. AND I'm not saying that Katy Perry singlehandedly brought rompers back into fashion but I think she did help a little bit :)
Around this time it was very hard to find any rompers in stores but thankfully the next summer more websites and stores started carrying them. And now, it’s hard to walk into a clothing store without laying your eyes on a romper!

So here are some of the rompers that I have found on the wonderful world that is the internet:

I found this classy little romper at It's called "wings of a dove" and it's $59.99 .This romper is more of a fancier one because of the sleeves and the lace.

This "Pompidou" romper can be found at for $58.00. I figured it would be more expensive but I guess not. Oh and I highly recommend to check out the website. I swear if I had all the money in the world I would buy all my clothes from anthroplogie.

This romper can be found at for $59.00. I THINK THIS ONE IS ADORABLE! I love the polkadots. This romper would look even more adorable if you decided to wear a flower in your hair : )

This "Moon Collection" romper can be yours for $48.00 at
I wish we had a kitson boutique because the print on this romper is so gorgeous.

This romper is from the brand Pins and Needles and can be found at for $48.00. I know it looks more like a dress but I swear there are shorts under there! This one is adorable and perfect for a summery day.

This Volcom "take cover" romper I found at This romper is more of a casual one that you could easily put over your bathing suit whenever you go to the beach. This one is $36.50.

I think this one is really cute and really inexpensive compared to the other ones that I listed. This romper can be found at for only $24.50. I'm thinking I might try and find this one whenever I go to the mall soon :D

So I hope this post tickled your fancy. It took me longer than expected...probably because I was such in a bad mood yesterday. Well better late than never.

Monday, June 28, 2010

A sudden realization; An epiphany

A very kind person on formspring made me realize even more (than I already did) that this blog can’t be all about red carpet. Although, I will admit I LOVE RED CARPET! I just love seeing dresses. Dresses are my favorite item of clothing to wear. I thoroughly enjoyed picking out a dress for homecoming/favorites/prom. I think I enjoyed it too much. If I could I would probably wear nothing but extravagant haute couture dresses and sleek evening gowns. I guess it all started when I was a little girl. I remember always looking forward to the big award shows like the Oscars so I could look at all the pretty dresses and pick my favorite one. Or even design a dress in my head so that I could pretend to walk the red carpet. So, I am going to try my hardest to come up with other things! I already have a couple in my head that I will try to work on tonight! Oh and please please please, if you have any suggestions please tell me! Thank you very much. :D

Oh and just for fun! Here is one of my favorite dresses eva!!! On the left you see this beautiful Givenchy dress on the runway and on the right you see it on the lovely Zoe Saldana! She wore this for the 2010 Oscars.

BET Awards 2010

For some reason, BET wasn't working on my tv. I would have liked to watch the red carpet but noooooo. It's a shame Beyonce wasn't there because I have a feeling she would have looked AMAZING. I'm surprised a lot of the attendees wore long sleeves. I would have been dying. Anyways, here is some of the fashion from the BET Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium in LA.

I’m yawning right now but you can’t tell. Taraji P. Henson wore a silver/lilac dress by Mandalay. She usually wears really great clothes and has amazing style for award shows but this one is just really boring and the shoes don’t help.

Nicki Minaj wore a vintage Rocha dress. It’s a gorgeous dress that's just worn the wrong way. Her hair is pretty weird. It doesn't really go with the long white dress. She's trying two different styles here...elegant and eccentric. It's just not working.

Keri Hilson wore a vintage Bill Blass dress with a vintage Azzedine belt paired with Louboutin shoes. I don’t really care for this look. She could have worn something umm..prettier?

I’m not hating this dress on her. I actually think it’s a pretty interesting and it works for the occasion. I just don’t understand why she is wearing the sunglasses. It just kind of ruins it for me? I cannot find who designed this dress! UGHHH!

I actually like this Zuhair Murad dress on Vivica A. Fox which is weird because I didn’t like it on Elizabeth Reaser at the Eclipse premiere. It’s interesting that she’s wearing the same shoes that Dakota fanning wore. hmmmm….

Ashanti wore a red floor length gown to the award show. I think she looks really good. If she’s trying to make a comeback then it’s definitely working. AND It frustrates me that I can’t find out who designed the gown…

This is easily my favorite look from the night. Ciara wore an black edgy dress from the Balmain Fall 2010 ready-to-wear collection. Usually looks straight from the runway don’t really translate well on the red carpet but this look really works. I love that she paired this dress with the boots.

Photos: AP/getty

Friday, June 25, 2010


At the Eclipse premiere many Twihards were foaming at the mouth to just get a glimpse of their beloved Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. But I’m going to give you a glimpse of the fashion worn at the premiere. It consists of mostly black, lace, and pale colors but what can you expect from a premiere of a movie about vampires. BUT, there is a little sunshine at the end of this post :D

Some of my two favorite designers made appearances at the premiere: Elie Saab and Marchesa!

Kristen Stewart wore a white Elie Saab mini dress and paired it with Christian Loboutin shoes. At first I wasn’t really feeling the dress, but not that I look at it more, I actually really like it a lot. I’m glad she decided to wear a white color instead of the black that she has been wearing lately. BUT I would have loved the dress if it were just sleeveless.

Dakota Fanning wore an Elie Saab dress with Christian Loboutin heels and OMG do I love those shoes! The dress is gorgeous but I think she would have looked prettier if she would have worn a dress with a more vibrant color because this pale color make her look a little washed out. But maybe she’s just really into her role as a vampire??

Julia Jones wore a beautiful Marchesa sleeveless mini dress. I really love the dress on her, she definitely has the body and the complexion for it!

Niki Reed wore a light blue-feathered Marchesa dress for the premiere. I’m not really sure how to feel about this dress on her. Maybe it’s just the picture but I don’t think so. I even looked to see if the dress looked good on the runway but it looked kind of weird too. I guess I’m just not a fan of this dress or the way Niki wore it.

Anna Kendrick wore a bronze/brown Marchesa dress. I like this look for her. The dress works for her and she looks great in it. It’s an overall great dress choice!

AnnaLynne McCord wore a Nicole Miller nude dress for the premiere with matching shoes. I like the dress and the way it fits her but again, the color washes her out. And I don’t like the fact that she matched the shoes with the dress. Why not a red? Or any color really!

Elizabeth Reaser wore a black beaded lace Zuhair Murad mini dress to the premiere with Christian Loboutin shoes. I’m not really a fan of this dress. I feel like the transparent part in the middle with the black on the outside makes her shoulders look bulky.

Catalina Sandino Moreno wore a gun metal dress from the fall 2010 Andrew GN collection. I love this dress. The shoulders, belt, and the skirt, really pull the dress together. This is one of my favorite looks from the red carpet.

Jennifer Love Hewitt wore a black straples dress from the Dolce & Gabbana spring 2010 collection and from what I’ve been reading a lot of celebrities have been photographed wearing this dress. That would have just turned me off and I would have picked a different dress. But anyways, this dress is okay, I feel like I have seen this style before and her shoes are crazy! Not in a good way! What possessed her to wear those?

Like I said before in the Much Music Awards post, ASHLEY IS A GORGEOUS GIRL! WHY ISN’T SHE WEARING A DRESS THAT SHOWS HOW BEAUTIFUL SHE IS! Her hair and makeup look really pretty I just wish the dress did too. This bed sheet dress is from Alexis Mabille Couture and I really really want to be Ashley’s stylist.

Bryce Dallas Howard wore a Christian Dior dress and Bulgari necklace. I am in love with her hair, dress, and make up! This dress is fit for the Oscars. She looks like a ray of sunshine! I can’t say anything bad about her. I would have to say she’s probably the best dressed at this premiere.
I hope you enjoyed that! It took me awhile.
Photos: Getty, Wire Image, Film Magic, Splash News

Gaga in white/ Elton John's Ball 2010

At Elton John’s White Tie and Tiara Ball, the lovely Lady GaGa wore a custom made latex jacket by Francesco Scognamiglio, face mask by Victor&Rolf , jewelry by Chopard and shoes by Tatehana Noritaka. The shoulders and the sleeves are amazing in this jacket, I wish I could have seen how he made this. I love this whole look but I could have gone without the facemask. I normally don’t like it when she covers up her face. Which is why I added a picture of her without it!

Photo Credits: Gaga Daily

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Dresses/ Grown ups premiere 2010

Hiii everyone! This post is going to cover two looks from the premiere of the Grown Ups movie that was held in NYC.
Salma Hayek wore a YSL dress that’s perfect for summer and paired it with a red belt and shoes. It’s a classic outfit. I’ve always loved the colors black, red, and white worn together. She looks beautiful but I think the matching dress and belt are a little much. Right? Or is that just me. I don’t know! Killer shoes though!

Two pics because I felt like I had to show the back of this dress! it's so cute!@!!!#@!

Jamie Chung wore a Tibi watercolor silk dress. I love everything about the dress! The colors and the shape look amazing on her. I love that she chose to wear shoes with a lighter color because anything else would have clashed and been too busy.

First post eva/ much music awards 2010

So here is my first post ever covering some of the fashion seen at the Canadian Award show "The MuchMusic Awards"! I hope you enjoy it!

Whitney Port decided on this Moschino little patterned mess and black heels for the awards show. I expect better from her since she is a fashion designer and all and she should know what looks good! It just looks so blah! Hopefully she’ll wear something better next time around!

Miranda Cosgrove appeared in a very fun and youthful Diane Von Furstenburg printed dress with Christian Loboutin shoes. I love Miranda Cosgrove’s outfit choice because she still looks her age, unlike a certain backwoods hillbilly that can’t be tamed …Anyways she is setting the perfect example that you can still dress edgy without showing EVERYTHING! Her shoes are adorable!!!

Kristin Cavallari’s dress looks a lot like chain mail. I would have liked it if the halter part was kept the same and the rest of the dress was like a flowy chiffon. Her make up and hair look beautiful though!

Oh Ke$ha…what can I say about this outfit…well it looks like a total mess. But this is her image and what she is probably going to dress like for every appearance she makes. At least it’s consistent though. I mean at least it’s not a crazy pattern and tribal paint all over her body. The walking stick thing is pretty weird but the shoes aren’t that bad?? :/

Ashley Greene is a stunningly beautiful girl but her Isaac Mizrahi dress that she wore for the Much Music Awards falls a little flat. With her appearances in the new Life Water commercials, I would have assumed she would have shown off her toned body but this dress just does nothing for her figure. I wish I could have dressed her…maybe one day!

And the best for last :D

I always love to see what Katy Perry is going to wear for her red carpet appearances and performances. For the Canadian Much Music Awards, she wore a barely there glittery blue mini dress by Ashish and Christian Loboutin nude pumps. However, it’s not one of my favorite outfits from her I still think she looks amazing in it. She definitely has the body for it and I LOVE that she chose to skip out on the wigs…although she really rocks the blue hair that she wore for the MTV movie awards.